Friday, 21 December 2012

Reading from the book at Newgrange, winter solstice 2012

This is a short video clip of me reading from 'Newgange: Monument to Immortality' at Newgrange on Friday, December 21st, 2012, the winter solstice. The day was cloudy, so there was no sunshine in the chamber, but the hundreds of people who gathered at the monument enjoyed themselves nonetheless. There was a particularly big turnout this year, the biggest I've ever seen in thirteen years of going there, driven in part no doubt by the fascination with the supposed Mayan end of the world predictions. The reading above is from George William Russell's 'A Dream of Angus Oge' in which he appears to describe in a spectacular and poetic way the illumination of the Newgrange chamber - 70 years before Prof. Michael O'Kelly restored the roofbox allowing it to function again. Extraordinary stuff.

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  1. May the rebirth of the light,
    bring you and yours,
    Peace and blessings.

    Lovely to listen to reference to Brú as a living Palace / Temple.
    The Boyne monuments are crowning achievements of a culture that had developed the chambered cairn's as a living facility over thousands of years, of observation and ritual.